Founded in 2015, ADS group is one of the fastest growing and leading media companies specialising in audio-visual advertising for clients all over the world. We advertise for the out-of-home customers and make efforts to engage them with your proposal so that they are being made to know about it while they are ‘on the go’! The whole idea is to reach or to communicate with the audiences of different frames of mind and in different parts of the day.

We are a leading media and marketing company that offers customised, interactive and web based effective apps that are smart extensions to our unmatched efforts. We make digital advertising more convenient for you by using suitable social media platforms to advertise about – home living, business, lifestyle, etc.

Consumer connect

Our company offers great consumer connect while they are involved with different activities of the day – shopping, work or leisure. We understand sentiments, recognise their pulse and are aware of their preferences.

Aim to follow

Our aim is to reach to the kind of audiences that are not just influential customers or decision makers but to the ‘chunk’ that is wealth creator and are high net worth individuals. Our aim is to connect to the quality and target audiences so that your proposal or business is known, literally at ‘the blink of an eye’.

Efforts that show

Online advertising is the toughest job to take care of but we make it a cakewalk for you and ensure that you get the best deal suitable for your business. ADS group advertises for you. Whether it is through custom solutions, demand generation, digital display or marketing services, we at ADS group aim to campaign objectives and ensure that you enjoy the best or probably the highest impact possible.

Abilities you can trust

We have a massive ability to reach audiences to anywhere worldwide. We ensure that our clients or advertising partners enjoy an authentic and exclusive community experience.

Five pointers on why you should choose ADS group?

  • Flexible, responsive and responsible
  • Competitive services
  • Cost-effective packages
  • Result-oriented communication services
  • Unique functional integrated work
  • Good track record and professionally experienced team

Let us help save you time and resources by defining objectives through consumer research, high recall value and business awareness. Work with a team that is emerging as a successful creative strategist in the world of advertising and marketing.